America’s First can provide financing for your real estate needs. We have a variety of programs such as First and Second liens, Debt Consolidation and Home Improvement loans. We offer In-house loan terms up to 15 years fixed as well as 3/1 and 5/1 ARMS. AFFCU services these loans, and you will make your monthly payment directly to us.

For more information, contact your local branch or our real estate department at 205-320-4163 or toll free at 1-800-633-8431 ext. 4163.

Please visit our online Mortgage Center to apply.

If you are looking for mortgage options with a 20 or 30-year fixed rate term or a mortgage program that requires a minimal down payment, please reference the products listed below.

Conventional Loans

Conventional loans are defined as a mortgage that are not guaranteed or insured by any government agency, including the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), the Farmers Home Administration (FmHA) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). It is typically fixed in its term and rate. AFFCU offers a wide variety of conventional loans that can accommodate long term fixed rate mortgages with minimal down payments with private mortgage insurance (PMI). Please contact your local branch or our real estate department to help determine the program that fits your needs.

Specialty Loans

FHA loans

FHA (Federal Housing Administration) loans are available to all borrowers and are guaranteed by the government. The mortgage itself is issued by traditional lenders, but the government insures the loan against default. For this reason, lending requirements are less stringent and have a lower down payment requirement. FHA loans require MIP (Mortgage Insurance Premium), which are cost competitive with conventional loans. MIP fees associated with FHA loans can be rolled into the loan and sellers can contribute up to 6% of the sales price toward closing costs. A benefit of FHA loans is that the debt-to-income ratios may be approved at a higher percentage than conventional mortgages. There is a minimum credit score requirement for FHA financing.

FHA Streamline Refinance

To qualify for a Streamline refinance, you must currently have an FHA loan and would like to lower your payment, interest rate or term on a new FHA loan. This can be done quickly and easily with minimal cost to you at closing. This type loan can be done without a new appraisal in most cases and only requires a qualifying credit score with a history of the most recent 6-12 months of current mortgage payments.

VA loan

VA (Veterans Administration) loans are only offered to qualified veterans and their surviving spouses. There are no income restrictions but borrowers must meet credit score requirements. If you currently have a VA loan and would like to refinance to a lower rate/payment, that can be done with minimal cost by applying for a VA Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL). This special refinance does not require a new appraisal or income documentation. VA also offers a Cash-out Refi option.

USDA loan

A USDA loan is a mortgage loan offered to borrowers looking to purchase property in rural areas. This is a government provided program through the Department of Agriculture. A down payment is not required so members can finance 100% of the value. Borrowers must meet income restrictions for the county in which the property will be financed. To be eligible, the property must be located within a rural area as defined by the USDA.

Second Home or Investment Property Purchase, Refi or Cash out

AFFCU offers several programs for Second Home or Investment Properties under our Specialty Loans. Please contact your local branch for more details.

Specialty Loan Contact Information

For more information about these Specialty Loan Products, please contact our servicing department at

Home Equity Lines of Credit

Do you have access to all of your equity? Now with an EquityPlus Account from America’s First, you may qualify to use up to 90% of the equity in your home for any of the following:

  • Debt Consolidation
  • Vehicle Purchases
  • Financing an Education
  • A Dream Vacation

The interest from an EquityPlus account may be tax deductible; consult your tax advisor. EquityPlus checks are available to access your line of credit.

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Debt Consolidation

Let us help you balance your budget with a consolidation loan. Lower your monthly payment or significantly reduce the payoff time of current loans by consolidating your debt. Please complete an application in our Mortgage Center or contact your local branch to begin the mortgage process. If you have additional questions, please contact our Real Estate Department at 205-320-4163.

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