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Black History Month: AmFirst’s Inspirational Staff Members

As part of our continuing celebration of Black History Month, we are recognizing our very own AmFirst staff members.

Each of these individuals were nominated by their peers as an example of someone who provides outstanding member service, great leadership, and serves as a role model for lifting up others:


Brianna Brock


“Bri is one of our top employees at the Leeds Branch that volunteers for our community events. She loves being involved with the Leeds and Moody community. She also creates great team building activities for the branch.”


“Brianna has always been a lot of fun to work with. She smiles and is always friendly with our members and her fellow employees. She extends her fun personality through events that she has helped with through the credit union. She is a great community builder and leader in my opinion!”

Chris Thomas


“Chris does an amazing job speaking to our benefit partners, at seminars, and is AMAZING on our social media.  He really stands out and is a great ambassador of AmFirst to our members, communities, and employees.”


“Chris has is always helpful, friendly, and is very respected throughout the community. He is an inspiration as an employee and as a person. He has done so much work to gain successful benefit partner relationships. Chris is an inspiration and I am so proud to nominate him for this recognition.”


“Chris is an up-and-coming leader at AmFirst who is very involved in our communities! Chris serves on Rotary, is on the Board of Directors and is a Trustee of the Vestavia Hills Chamber of Commerce, among many other things. Chris was recently selected by CUNA as a GAC Crasher and selected as the BBJ’s Bham NextGen Rising Stars of Money. Chris also serves in his church.”

Clevlan Jordan


“When he started at AmFirst, he became known instantly for his positive attitude, kindness, and his constant smile!  He lifts others up, works hard, never complains, makes the most of any situation, and has a personal drive to always exceed expectations.  He is a great example to our employees and is a great support for our members who call the MSC.”

Courtney Nunn


“Courtney is the strongest leader I have ever worked for. She is always there for her team to provide guidance when we are in need. Whenever I have a question or a problem I can always reach out to her with confidence in her ability to resolve anything with a great attitude. It’s important to me to see a black woman excelling in a leadership role, it makes me aspire to be like her some day!”

Jacoby Kindred 


“Jacoby is active in the community, always working to give back. Jacoby has worked hard with America’s First and any team he has been a part of.”

“Jacoby is a great person and is awesome. He started his Regional Director position during COVID and done an amazing job in keeping his area well-staffed and working. He is always available for you no matter how busy he is. He leads by example. He is a very caring person.”

“Jacoby leads by example in the way he treats others. If you know him you know why he is nominated.”

“Jacoby is a very uplifting and kind human. He is always willing to help.”




Erica Vandergrift


“Erica is always so helpful and kind to our members. She is also quick to jump in and help in all aspects of the credit union.”

Jessica Walker


“Jessi is always a ball of sunshine!  She sets a great example for her fellow employees.  The is always smiling, takes pride in her appearance (and is a great role model for others), and always has a positive tone.  She takes initiative to continue learning.  For example, she actively participated in our mentorship program and is consistently looking for ways to better herself and/or to learn all that she can.  You can’t come away from Jessi not smiling!”

Phillip Samuels


“I am a new employee at AmFirst but since I have been here, I have seen Mr. Phillip’s face on several occasions and he is caring, approachable and concerned with the Roebuck branch. He offers his help and advice and his concern with whatever we may need to help us grow.”

Rod Winston


“Rod has a difficult position working in Collections and is always willing to go above and beyond to help members. Rod is available to employees that need assistance helping members with collections issues.”


Antoinette Allen


“Mrs. Antoinette Allen is a great manager. She is not only kind and understanding, she strives to help everyone around her reach their full potential. She understands everyone is different and learns in different ways. She welcomes everyone with a smile and her door is always open if you need her. She is a great leader to have here at America’s First Federal Credit Union.”

Deanna Battle


“After working with Deanna for several years, in different roles, I have seen her grow in multiple ways! She has become an excellent leader of our branch and a trustworthy friend. Her work ethic is a wonderful example to all of us! She is ever striving for bigger and better in all she is a part of and that encourages us to do the same!”

Aliyah Hill


“Aliyah does great work in the branch and on the task force she serves on. She displays all of the AmFirst core values with pride and perfection. She never backs down from learning something new or accepting feedback. Aliyah hosted a talk show at her church that tackles hard subjects and brings awareness to life issues. Aliyah shows kindness to everyone she meets. She works hard every day to provide the best member service and teamwork possible. She looks for ways to get the AmFirst name out in the community and is always first to volunteer with any marketing opportunity. Aliyah has so much to offer not only AmFirst, but the entire world.”

Katrina Lankford

“Great teller, great attitude, always positive, and goes above and beyond for the members.”



Bryan Clayton


“Bryan is a man of integrity.  He displays exemplary ethical standards in his work and interactions with his customers which are his teammates, AmFirst staff, and our members.  He is focused on offering great service to his customers.  He is consistently professional, respectful, and patient.  He works to maintain a positive work environment.  Bryan takes pride in a job well done and has the same high standards for the team.  He encourages the team in furthering their careers, personal goals, and the best interest of the credit union.  His reputation for a high level of service has made him a go-to for answers to deposit related questions as well as items completely unrelated to deposits.  Bryan is continually researching potential options to fulfill the strategic plan of the credit union and introduces innovative ideas to attain and surpass our corporate goals.”

Britney Lewis


“She’s a great head teller, she provides the best feedback to her tellers, she goes above and beyond for the tellers and the members.”

AJ Watson


“Highly adaptable, flexible professional who embraces teamwork, but also enjoys working independently.”


“AJ is an excellent leader.  She has the respect of her team and is consistent in her interactions with our members as well as our team members.  AJ is so many things to so many people within the organization and out.  I can depend on her to make wise decisions and always do the right thing.  Her professionalism shines through and she is everything a leader should be.”

Kiara Groves

“Kiara goes above and beyond to make sure our members are well taken care of. She also serves in the community outside of AMFIRST. She exceeds expectations of an employee, mentor, friend, colleague, and mother.”

LaTresha Glenn

“Great team player; has a nice positive attitude at all times.”

Madeline Stewart

“Madeline came from a local ‘Work Ready’ program. She started with the credit union when she was 18 years old. Madeline has excelled in her career with the credit union. Madeline has a solid work ethic, great member service, and is an amazing teammate.”


. All AmFirst branches will be closed Wednesday, June 19 in observance of Juneteenth.