Personal Accounts

GAP will pay $1,000 down on a replacement vehicle, if financed with America’s First within the qualified time period.

GAP can be added up to 12 months after your loan date, so you don’t have to make a decision right away. You’re also eligible for a full refund if you cancel within the first 60 days.

Pricing for GAP:

  • Autos, Boats, Motorcycles, ATVs, and Personal Watercraft start as low as $379.00
  • RVs, Travel Trailers, and 5th Wheels start as low as $457.00

Call 205-320-4000 or visit your local America’s First branch for full details.


Certain restrictions may apply. Payment of claims not to exceed 150% MSRP or NADA used values. Boats/Watercraft are only covered to $100,000. RVs, Travel Trailers, and 5th Wheels are only covered to $250,000. The cost may vary depending on the type of collateral.