Chip Technology

Using your chip card is easy!

If a chip-activated terminal is available, follow these easy steps:

1. Insert the chip end of your card into the terminal with the chip facing up.

2. Keep your card in the terminal throughout the transaction and follow the prompts on the screen.

3. Remove your card when prompted and take your receipt.





Remember: If a merchant is not yet chip-activated, you can still swipe your card to pay.


Watch how it works

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does chip technology protect my information?
A: Whenever you use your card at a chip-activated terminal, the embedded chip generates a one-time use code. This code is virtually impossible to counterfeit and helps reduce in-store fraud.

Q: Has my card information changed?
A: Yes, this card has a new and different number from your old card (without the chip). Be sure to update your information with billers that charge your card regularly.

Q: Has my PIN changed? (debit only)
A: Yes, you will need to set a new PIN number when you activate your new card. You may set the PIN for your new card to be the same as your old card.

Q: Can I swipe my card to pay?
A: Yes. If a merchant is not yet chip-activated, you can continue to swipe your card. Keep in mind, you may need to enter your PIN (for debit).

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