New Credit Card Program

What you need to know:

Your credit card will be replaced in May 2015.
Your new credit card will in the mail between May 7th and May 15th.  Please follow the instructions enclosed with the card to see how and when you will activate your new card. Do not discard or destroy your current card until your new card has been activated.

Your credit card number and expiration date will change.

Any outstanding balances or credits on your present card will be transferred to your new America’s First credit card account.
Your new account will show on your credit report as a transfer account and will carry the history from your current card.  There will be no adverse effect on your credit score.

Your terms and rates will remain the same.

You may now manage your credit card account through America’s First online banking.
As of May 14, you will no longer be able to access card information and/or make payments through the EZCardinfo site.

To access your credit card account, log in to Online Banking, and click on the name of your credit card account (see below).


What you’ll need to do once you have received your new card:

  • Follow the instructions that will be provided to you for activating your new card.
  • Notify any companies that are automatically paid by your card of the new expiration date (i.e. gym memberships, bill payments, and subscriptions).
  • Change the payment mailing address and account number on any bill payment system that you might use to make your card payments when you receive your May statement.  New payment address will be: America’s First Federal Credit Union, P.O. Box 37035, Boone, IA 50037-0035.
  • If you have a recurring payment set up through EZCardInfo to pay on the due date (the 16th of each month), the payment will not process in May. You will need to set up a new recurring payment on the new system through online banking beginning May 18, 2015. You may also mail your payment for May or make a payment at any of our branches.
  • If you plan on using your card internationally or for ATM use, you will need to obtain a Personal Identification Number (PIN) by calling 888-891-2435.

How to use your new card (see video):

Video Transcript

To learn more, read the FAQs about our new credit cards.

Or, visit for even more information about chip cards.