New Credit Card Program FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions – Your New America’s First Credit Card Program

What will change?
On May 15 2015, a credit card processor transition will change your America’s First credit card, statement, and the way you access your credit card information online.

Why the change?
America’s First is transitioning to a new credit card processing system in order to provide our members access to new and innovative credit card product offerings, 24-hour member service phone support staff, and state-of-the-art security features that further protect your accounts.

Will my credit card number and expiration date change?
Yes. Notify any companies that are automatically paid by your card of the new card number and expiration date (ie. gym memberships, bill payments and subscriptions). You will also need to change the payment mailing address and account number on any bill payment system that you might use to make your card payments when you receive your May statement. New payment address will be:
America’s First Federal Credit Union, P.O. Box 37035, Boone, IA 50037-0035.

Will my new America’s First credit card include EMV chip card technology?
Yes. For additional information about EMV chip card technology, click here.

Will my credit card rate or terms and conditions change?
Your annual percentage rate (APR) for purchases and cash advances will not change.

How do I update my billing address and phone number?
Notify America’s First of any changes to your address or phone number so that we may correct the information on all of your America’s First accounts, including your credit card account(s).

Will this change how I access my credit card account online?
Yes, you can access and manage your credit card account via Online Banking. To do this, log in to Online Banking, and click on the name of your credit card account.

Please note that access to EZCard Info will not be available after May 14.

What will happen to scheduled payments within EZCardInfo?
Any payments scheduled within EZCardInfo for after May 14, 2015, will not process. You will need to schedule a new payment in the new online system via online banking after May 19, 2015.

What features are available online?
In addition to viewing statement history, you can view current balance information, payment information, and current and historical transaction activity; make a payment and view payment history; find contact information; request balance transfers; and download account transactions into multiple formats.

Can I receive my credit card statement by e-mail with this change?
Yes. You will need to access your credit card account via Online Banking. You will then be able to click on “Statement History” from the top navigational menu.

What if I am already signed up for credit card eStatements?
You will need to access your credit card account via Online Banking. Once you have done this, you will receive an email confirmation when your next credit card eStatement is available for viewing.

How can I apply for credit increases?
Contact America’s First at 205-320-4000 or 1-800-633-8431 or visit any America’s First branch location.

When will my payment be due?
Your new payment will not change. The due date will be the 16th of each month.

How can I get a replacement card?
Replacement cards can be obtained by contacting America’s First at 205-320-4000 or 1-800-633-8431.

Can I still make my a payment to my credit card at America’s First?
Yes. Payments can be made at any America’s First location. However, if you prefer to mail your payment, the address will change to:
America’s First Federal Credit Union
P.O. Box 37035
Boone, IA 50037-0035
*Payments received at the mailing address will be credited to your account as of the day of receipt.

Will I still be able to make payments online?
Yes. However, the process you use to make online payments will change. To make a credit card payment via an online banking transfer, log into Online Banking, and click on your Credit Card account.

Will there be any changes to my cash back program?
No, if you are currently in a card program that earns cash back, you will continue to earn cash back. However, cash back amounts will not be visible on your statement until July. 

Will there be any changes to my reward points program?
Platinum Pro members will continue to earn reward points. However, as part of these changes, we will be converting our Platinum Pro Rewards program from ScoreCard Rewards to Choice Rewards. You will still earn points on your Platinum Pro rewards credit card but how and where you redeem your points will change. If you would like to redeem any of your current points through ScoreCard rewards, you must do so by May 14, 2015. To redeem rewards through Scorecard, visit or call 1(800) 854-0790. Any points not redeemed by May 14, 2015, will roll over to your new Platinum Pro card and you will begin earning points on your new card as soon as you activate and begin using your card. However, after May 14, 2015, points will not be available for redemption until July 1, 2015. When you are ready to redeem points on your new card after July 1, 2015, you will simply log in to Online Banking at, select your Credit Card account, and then select Browse Rewards.


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