Mobile Banking Video Transcript

Mobile Banking App

It’s a fast world. We’re constantly going here or there because things need to get done. There’s a reason it’s not called “walking errands.” If we want to reduce the stress from all this running around, we have to move smarter, not harder. The America’s First mobile banking app is a huge step in that direction. After downloading from the Apple Store or Google Play, you can open the app and immediately find branches and ATMs all around you. If you activate fast balances, you can check your accounts without having to sign in every time. To see all recent activity in your accounts, just enter your online banking login. While you’re here, you can transfer money, pay bills, communicate with member services, deposit a check, or stop payments. Mobile check deposits are especially helpful. What if you’re stuck at the airport? Stuck at home with the flu? Stuck in the kitchen, cooking dinner for twenty? A trip to the credit union doesn’t seem like much of an option. Just follow the simple instructions in the app and use your phone’s camera to make the deposit anywhere, at any time. That device in your pocket can be a powerful way to make your life easy. A few taps with your finger on the America’s First app will save a bit of gas money and a lot of time. That’s moving smarter. America’s First Federal Credit Union, refreshingly un-bank-like. Federally insured by NCUA.