Member Security Center Video Transcript

Did you know every two seconds, someone is a victim of identity fraud? That translates to 12.7 million people each year, totaling to 16 billion dollars stolen from victims. The threat is real. Member Security Center can help. With the basic member protection package through Member Security Center, you will have continuous monitoring of your personal identifiable information, including your social security number, five of your debit or credit cards, five financial institution accounts, your driver’s license, two of your email addresses, two medical IDs, your passport, and two of your phone numbers. Additional plans with more monitoring and restoration services are available, just ask. On average, identity fraud costs the victim 1,400 dollars and takes the victim 17 days to stop the fraud. Protect your identity now. Enrollment is easy. Learn more about how Member Security Center can help protect your identity. Talk to a credit union representative or visit today.