Member Review Guidelines

Product reviews are designed to allow members to rate their experience with the products and services offered by America’s First Federal Credit Union. Reviews are submitted voluntarily. Please note that all reviews will be screened by an administrator before being posted to our website. Please avoid using any personal contact or account information in your review. Reviews are screened in order to protect members’ privacy, comply with regulatory requirements, and ensure that reviews contain appropriate and useful information. Reviews with the following content will not be published: Off-topic reviews, reviews containing obscene language or comments related to race, religion, political party affiliation or similar personal characteristics or beliefs, reviews that contain personally identifiable information, reviews that mention specific pricing or product terms, reviews that contain false statements, reviews that refer to other companies or websites, and reviews that refer to pending litigation or allege legal claims. Views and opinions expressed by members are for informational purposes only and should not be deemed an endorsement by America’s First Federal Credit Union. The fact that a review is unfavorable will not, in itself, be grounds for non-publication. America’s First Federal Credit Union, in its sole reasonable discretion, determines which reviews are appropriate for publishing. Published reviews may be removed periodically or when they are no longer relevant.