Kids 1st Club

Teach your children to save! This account allows parents, grandparents or other adults to open share accounts for children.* The Kids 1st account helps children learn the importance of saving and being financially responsible.

Kids 1st Club Members Receive:

  • Kids 1st Club Membership Card
  • Coin Saver
  • Coloring Book and Crayons

Honor Dollars Bonus Program

Every Kids 1st Club account member is eligible to earn Honor Dollars! Honor Dollars pays good students for good grades. Bring your child's most recent report card with all A's and B's to any America's First branch and we will deposit $5.00 into their account!

*The account is opened and tax information is reported under the child's Social Security number. Only custodians can make withdrawals unless we receive authorization from the custodian. The minor cannot access the funds until age 21 without receiving the written permission of the custodian.

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