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The AmFirst Foundation




2022 AmFirst Foundation Charity Sporting Clays

Our 2022 annual sporting clays fundraiser will take place on Friday, May 27.

All proceeds benefit:
Bundles of Hope Diaper Bank
The Literacy Council of Central Alabama

Please visit our Charity Sporting Clays event page for full details and to register as a team, player, or sponsor.




AmFirst Foundation Board of Directors



President, Phil Boozer
SVP- Chief Sales Officer, AmFirst
Phil is enthusiastic that the AmFirst Foundation is formed and ready to roll! Phil is excited about how the foundation will elevate the giving of AmFirst and the impact it will have on our communities. Phil is focused on improving our communities and serving our members. For him, serving on the board of the foundation is another way for him to give back.

Vice President, Jody Mattson
Community Engagement Officer, AmFirst
Jody is thrilled that the AmFirst Foundation is officially formed and operating. Jody is excited because the foundation will allow us to expand our reach and make a much larger impact. Jody says, “I am so grateful to be a part of this foundation and to see how much more we can do through it.” It is an honor to serve and represent AmFirst employees through our foundation giving. Jody says that the foundation is another avenue for her to live out her purpose by using her time and talents to impact change in our community.

Secretary, Jacoby Kindred
Director of Branch Services, AmFirst
Jacoby is heartfelt about helping others improve their disposition and become well-balanced in life. Through serving on the foundation board, he hopes to see AmFirst impact our community more effectively. By acting in this capacity, it allows him to help direct its trajectory.

Treasurer, Rhonda Shelton
 VP Accounting Services, AmFirst
Rhonda is excited about the AmFirst Foundation because it will allow us to give more to the communities in which we work, live, play, and worship. AmFirst has a reputation for giving back our time, talents, and treasures, and she is proud to serve on a board where she is entrusted with elevating that giving. She is dedicated to volunteering and serving the community to make a difference in the lives of children and families. Rhonda said it brings her joy and purpose and lives by this verse, “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in various forms.” 1 Peter 4:10

Board of Directors, Alex Lawley
Consumer Lending Manager, AmFirst
Alex is eager about the AmFirst Foundation because of the potential to raise more money and, in return, help more causes. Alex says it is an honor to serve on the first board for the AmFirst Foundation, and he is “excited to lay the groundwork of what will be a great benefit to the community and employees at AmFirst.” Alex has always been ardent about serving and volunteering in any community capacity to make it a better place. Being part of this board is just a different form of volunteering to help make an impact on the community.

Board of Directors, Courtney Nunn
Director of Branch Services, AmFirst
Courtney is thrilled about the AmFirst Foundation and serving on the Board of Directors because it allows AmFirst to continue to be the hands and feet and serve our community. Courtney says it is an honor to be a part of a board where she can share her ideas on how we can provide and serve those in need. Courtney is heartfelt about meeting people where they are in our community and being able to help support them as they progress in life.

Board of Directors, Mike Northrup
SVP-Chief Delivery Systems Officer, AmFirst
Mike is eager to serve on the foundation board because AmFirst’s Commitment to our community is ever-growing. Our new foundation gives us an avenue to expand our giving and improve our community. Mike is dedicated to continue to fund our three major charities each year but hopes to grow our impact by giving to other charities through the foundation. Mike is a fantastic representative for the foundation because he is zealous about giving back. Mike says that he has found “the biblical truth, that it is more blessed to give than to receive to ring true in my life, and I am so honored to work for a company like AmFirst that continually gives back to our community.”

A special thank you to Alan Stabler
EVP-Chief Administrative Officer & General Counsel, AmFirst.
Who has dedicated an enormous amount of time to the foundation.

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